What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting which allocates one dedicated server to a single user. They are more secure than other forms of hosting (such as shared hosting), but also much more powerful and quicker too.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is a type of hosting where your website has its own server for itself. Many people often start off with using shared hosting or reseller hosting services due to their cheaper pricing, where the clients share a server with other people, but dedicated is solely dedicated to one client, hence the name dedicated.
When people outgrow the capabilities of a shared server and need something more powerful, they may choose to upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting, which are great alternatives that don’t have the same limitations or setbacks as shared hosting does. For instance, dedicated servers have better performance and are more flexible due to the ability to configure it to your own needs and wants.

Dedicated hosting is much more superior if you have the money to spare and require the power, as some dedicated servers can cost a significant amount depending on the specs you want and choose in your plan. But if you require dedicated server hosting to power your services, then it’ll definitely be worth every penny of it.


Why Choose Dedicated Hosting?

Increased traffic

If you have a website that’s been growing steadily with many users visiting it frequently, you may need to upgrade to a dedicated server option. It can cope with high traffic influx a lot better than some other services (such as shared hosting) and will guarantee a steady uptime which prevents you losing out on any potential clients and revenue loss.

Security concerns

Your services need to be secure; security is a vital thing that should be considered in every scenario, especially if your site has to deal with sensitive data such as passwords, emails, credentials, and personal information. With the use of dedicated servers, you are able to take full control of your own security, letting you optimise your system to keep your data and site safe from any attackers.
But if you’re lucky, most hosting providers will offer you maintenance and security plans as an extra package or within the main package itself. It's highly advised that you take advantage of any good offers for securing your server system.

Loading time

Dedicated servers only need to run your systems, rather than multiple other users’ systems too (in shared servers at least). This means that a dedicated servers' extra resources will help ensure that your site runs as quickly as possible, without a significant amount of delay.
You’ll get all of the bandwidth you need to keep it going and make visitors to your site happy, rather than them getting impatient at slower loading speeds.

Control and configuration

Unfortunately, if you’ve ever used or know a thing or two about shared hosting, it’s that you cannot configure and edit aspects of the server that you pay for. But with dedicated hosting, you can easily configure and control your server to your liking, as well as to fit your needs of what you want it to do or be for. Providers may allow you to install your own operating systems, as well as have control over the resources. This ability to control the server can be a great benefit for those in the web development industry or if you just have very special and specific demands that need to be met.


Downsides of dedicated hosting


Whilst other forms of hosting, such as shared, is nice and cheap due to the fact that multiple users are sharing the same server system for their sites, dedicated server hosting can be quite a jump in price when compared to other hosting types. But this is due to the fact that it’s solely dedicated to one user, with all of its power and specs being allocated to them, which is expensive to run alone, and it’s usually the most expensive form of hosting.


For those that aren’t experienced with server hosting, it’s probably not a great idea to go into dedicated hosting as it requires a bit more experience and technical knowledge to set up, run, and maintain if you don’t have a technician to do it all for you, and if you do require someone else to deal with the dedicated servers for you, then it can cost you extra to pay them for maintenance and setup if required.


So, if your site is starting to build up a lot of visitors quickly and having high amounts of traffic incoming, or perhaps you need a good powerful server that can host your systems, and you have enough money to put into hosting. Dedicated servers are your best bet, they have a significant amount of power and speed to boost your site up to the best quality it can be in regards of how it’s ran, keeps everything on the system safe and secure, and can even easily be configured and customised to whatever you need it for, making it a great flexible form of hosting for you.